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NASA’s Land, Atmosphere Near-real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE) leverages existing satellite data processing systems in order to provide data and imagery available from select instruments (currently AIRS, AMSR2, ISS LIS, MISR, MLS, MODIS, MOPITT, OMI, OMPS, and VIIRS). Most data products are available within 3 hours of satellite observation. These data meet the timely needs of applications such as numerical weather and climate prediction, forecasting and monitoring natural hazards, agriculture, air quality and disaster relief.

Both the LANCE-MODIS and LANCE VIIRS-Land elements are provided by the MODIS Adaptive Processing System (MODAPS) operated by the GSFC Terrestrial Information Systems Laboratory, Code 619.

Level 0-3 Near real-time (NRT) products are provided from the MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) instruments on both the Terra (AM) and Aqua (PM) satellites. L2 NRT land products are provided from VIIRS (the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite) onboard the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) and NOAA-20 (formally JPSS-1) satellites.

If latency is not a primary concern, users are encouraged to use the standard science products, which are created using the best available ancillary, calibration and ephemeris information. See information on the differences between standard and near real-time products.

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